Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Cause Of World War II

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During World War II more than the 3% of the world 's population was gone cause of World War II. This may look like a small number but really this is 60 million of the world’s people died. During World War II, many countries offered a resistance, but many of those resistance were executed or escaped from Germany with a few Jews. Hitler played a major role during World War II, he started the war by conquering Poland and declaring war against Britain and France. He started using hostages in the war to win. About 90% of those hostages were Jews in Poland. He tortured them or killed them. Many Jewish people had to create Jewish Partisan camps to protect themselves. This only happens when Jewish men escaped the Concentration Camps and start to learn how to live in the woods. The main cause of the war was the Nazi’s capturing Jews and killing them because they were told by Hitler. This killing happened in a specific
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However, between 1933 and 1945, thousands of people resisted the Nazis using both violent and non-violent means against Jews. Among the earliest opponents of Nazism in Germany were Communists, Socialists, and trade union leaders. Although mainstream church hierarchies supported the Nazi with its policies, individual German such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer opposed their policies. Bonhoeffer was executed in 1945. Within the German conservative elite and the German military 's General Staff people who opposed the rules of the Nazi’s would be executed. In July 1944, a massacre happened to the people who tried to assassinate Hitler. These resulted in Hitler to get angry and start torturing more Jews and killing them. Soon more citizens from different countries heard about the news and created more Jewish resistance to help in the war. It says “After the German occupation of Denmark in April 1940, a resistance movement began operations there; its activities included killing informers, raiding German military facilities, and sabotaging rail
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