Dietrich Bonhoeffer's 'Cheap Grace'

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer Questions 1. What does Bonhoeffer mean by the term “cheap grace”? Factually, By the term “cheap grace” Bonhoeffer was referring to a multitude of things. Quoted from his book, Cost of Discipleship, he said “The preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without Church discipline,” are among many phrases he used to describe “Cheap Grace.” He also used phrases like “Communion without confession,” and “absolution without contrition.” He after stated that he rejects such teaching, as is apparently being preached nowadays. Bonhoeffer was willing to pay the price if it meant rejecting those ideas. 2. Explain the difference between “free grace” and “cheap grace.” “Free grace,” as its most commonly refereed to, is the real grace of God. All the wonderful things he does for us, coming with only the cost of repentance, discipline, and contrition. Though they are “costs,” all of these things aren't bad, and they all help you build Godly character traits. Such as, humbleness, kindness, and Spiritual knowledge. “Cheap grace,” is all of the gifts from God such as forgiveness, absolution, and communion, without the “costs.” This idea of “cheap grace” is obviously Biblical wrong, yet was, and still is, being preached in some churches. 3. What did Bonhoeffer mean by “a world come…show more content…
There is one complex yet simple answer for what this means: it means the world has discovered enough information to start trusting science more often than God. In the days before the world “came of age”, people would look to God for answers about questions like, will my grandmother live? or will the weather be sunny for the 4th of July parade? The answers to these questions are known by God and can easily be answered by him if it is his will for you to know. Now, people just look to science to answer these questions, taking God out of yet another part of our
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