Difference Between 1950 To Today

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My grandfather graduated high school in the year 1950. Often times, he tells my cousins and me stories of when he was in his prime. He talks about the radical differences between his teenage years and ours '. He has witnessed a lot of incredible things throughout his lifetime; however, he has also witnessed many terrible things. There are a manifold amount differences between my time and my grandfather 's time; however, the most prominent are technology advances, change in women 's roles, and change in principles. First of all, the most apparent difference from the 1950s to now is the technological advances. The 1950s were the beginning of modern day computers. Back then, computers could take up an entire room. The first television was also created in the 1950s. They had very few channels, and the television was black and white. However, the people predominantly listened to the radio. In the present day, we can wear computers as wristwatches, we have colored television with a thousand channels, and…show more content…
The most significant change from the 1950s to now is the major cultural shift in morals. The nation has morally declined since the fifties. The value system has radically changed. When our grandparents were teenagers, everyone went to church. Church was not just a Sunday morning affair; it was a lifestyle. Teen-pregnancies were nearly non-existent. The divorce rate was significantly lower. Families stayed together, and children grew up with both parents. Furthermore, people were far less exposed. They did not watch the filth that our generation does on television. They were far more modest. This is how many of our grandparents were raised. On the other hand, the rate of people attending church has monumentally declined. In addition to this, our generation regards as a once a week practice. Nowadays, teen pregnancy is a recurrent happening. Most children come from broken families and only have one parent. In short, the morals have reduced drastically since the
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