Difference Between Achievement And Fulfillment

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I have been privileged to work with various professionals in different fields, and I noticed that not all the successful people we see have a sense of fulfillment in their work. Many people were successful through their parents and personal connections and influence in the society, but they do not earn the satisfaction and the work spirit they ought to get at work. Some years ago, a friend and I had a thoughtful discussion on the significant differences between achievement and fulfilment. In his statement, he said something worth mentioning. "Achievement is a minor factor in rating personal success compared to fulfilment. Fulfilment is the major factor. Achievement is not my problem and the problem of many influential people in the world, but earning satisfaction in what we do is the biggest problem that we experience.” He spoke further, “I love music, but I studied law to fulfil my father 's desire. Many times, I have given up studying law. I got fed up of the course after a while but I managed to graduate from the University as a law student. After my graduation from law school, I got all the necessary connections I needed for my practice through my father. I made enough money to take care of everything but I don’t have the internal satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment I ought to get at work. My father is happy and pleased since he got what he wanted out of me. I am engaged with work, unfulfilled since my passion is not in what I do." Some people prefer running after

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