Difference Between Active Observation And Active Experiment

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Before talking about some different ways of knowing and areas of knowledge, it is important to distinguish what is active experiment and passive observation, explain how does humankind produce knowledge, and indicate in what other ways can humankind produce knowledge. Active experiment is the process by which an individual analyses and studies focusing on a specific topic and drawing up to a certain conclusion depending on what he or she has discovered. Passive observation is not as productive as active experiment because it is only the act of observing something happening without actually analysing and studying it deeply. More simply, active experimentation is experiencing something physically, while passive observation is learning from what other people have discovered.
Humankind produces knowledge from the information gathered from active experimentation and passive observation. When an individual studies a subject in depth, the understanding is likely to increase and develop over a
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Natural Science is the study of the world and the events that happen in nature over a period of time. This science often denotes subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. Natural Science is “clearly stated and makes precise rather than vague predictions” (Lagemaat, p 225). This science tries to discover laws regarding nature through the use of both passive observation and active experimentation. To sum up, the humankind through passive observation, active experiment, or through the use of the different areas of knowledge or ways of knowing cannot produce knowledge. These are only some of the methods that can be effectively used to gather valuable information. Once gained enough trustworthy material about a specific topic, the data can be carefully evaluated and analysed, and the individual will then gain knowledge about

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