Difference Between Aeneas And The Hero's Journey

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reality VS myths make us conscious The hero's journey is the most important part of a myth. It is a cycle where someone left their house and everything when he was a kid; left for an adventure or a mysterious event. Pass through many fight, have power or treasure, in some cases the foundation of a city. After it, have a fight to death with their enemies. Finally, create or make something very important for humanity, and be recognized for your great achievement, by the “MYTH”. The two famous myth “Romulus and Remus” and “Dido from Carthage” Rome A famous myth is the one of Rome foundation; Aeneas the king of Alba Longa dies and left the kingdom for his oldest son Numitor. But, one day Amulius ( Aeneas¨s little son ) decide to take the kingdom. To take it, he killed the two sons of numitor and made Numitor¨s daughter a priestess. Why? To make himself sure that Numitor´s daughter cant have children. But, in one of the meetings of the priestess and the god Mars she got pregnant and had twins. But the kids were taken to the Tiber river. Then, a she-wolf rescued them, and it appeared a shepherd who found the wolf with the children. The shepherd became the mentor of Remus and Romulus and asked where they came from. So, the children went to Alba…show more content…
During this two myths the principal characters are “Dido”, “Remus and Romulus”. These three persons pass through a long trip of the hero’s journey (left their home, travel for an adventure, fight problems, get enemies and allies, and construct something extraordinary for humanity). Dido was a woman that run of her house, arrived to North Africa, have troubles with Jarbas king of Berbes, founded Carthage and died. Romulus and Remus were taken out of their home, be rescued from a she-wolf. Then, by a shepherd that became their mentor, and finally Romulus and Remus fought to death between them to knew who was going to be the king of the new city,
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