Difference Between Anime And Anime

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Japanese Anime and manga
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Culture is one of the biggest sources of income to most countries and individuals. And in Japan, is one of the largest exports. Most people all around the world have become more interested in the culture of Japan. Fashion and entertainment taking the front line. Usually, anime is hand-drawn, but technologies have introduced illustrations from computer programs. Manga on the other hand, are Japanese graphic novels. The art through manga is a multibillion dollar industry that has taken most nations by storm. This is a response paper that will focus on the examples of manga and anime, themes and problems arising from the examples, critical analysis and the message that the examples brings out. The paper will also focus on the significances of the manga and anime, which benefits it, brings to readers and everyone who comes across them.
Examples of manga and anime According to (Eisenbeis, 2014) Japanese anime and manga have produced many works in their journey to make culture look beautiful and interesting. One of the examples of the anime and manga is Shojo. Shojo is simply interpreted as a young girl. This example of manga and anime is a representation of young girls between the ages of ten and eighteen. These examples of Shojo tend to focus, interpersonal relationships and also romance. Although Shojo representation focuses on interpersonal relationships, it does not necessary mean is

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