Difference Between Anthem And Harrison Bergeron

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2 societys

What are the differences between 2 societys,Anthem and “Harrison Bergeron”. Anthem is about a boy named Equality 7-2521 who is smarter than everyone in the society.he meets a girl and then runs away to the forest.”Harrison Bergeron”is about a boy would needs to have a handicaps to be average.Rand Anthem and vonnegut “Harrison Bergeron” is different with family relationships and mind control. Family relationships are different in many way in Anthem and “Harrison Bergeron”.In Anthem Equality 7-2521 had no family or friends.”our name is Equality 7-2521,as it is written on the iron bracelet”(Rand pg 18).they did not get there names from their parents.In “Harrison Bergeron” Harrison had a father and friends.”H-G men took George

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