Difference Between Anti-Federalist And Anti Federalists

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A federalist is defined as a person that believes in the Constitution as it is, and argues for ratification. An anti-federalist, however, believes that there needs to be adjustments within the Constitution.While both the anti-federalists and federalists contributed to the Constitution’s success, anti-federalists created the most conflict and elaboration of the Constitution and aimed for success in many years to come. Anti-federalists argued to include the Bill of Rights into the Constitution. George Mason describes the importance of the Bill of Rights in “Objections to the Constitution”. He states “...the declarations of rights in the separate states are no security.” He is talking about how if the states had individualized citizens rights,…show more content…
Having “State bills of rights” would create challenges in years to come with people travelling from state to state. Therefore, this question applies: would the people have rights from the state they originate from or the state they will live in? This creates problems within society and could create conflicts between people. Also, it is essential to prevent the government from having unlimited power. Giving government limited power would ensure that there would be “balance in the government” and ensure that people have their “rights and liberties”. Therefore, it is essential that the people unify together and encourage a national Bill of Rights and prevent power consolidation. Federalists encourage states to incorporate their own bill of rights and that the Constitution will be effective the way it is. If neighbors or allies are federalists, it is important to share the importance of knowing the positive outcomes of being an anti-federalist. This will not only affect the present, but it will affect the kids, grandkids, and future generations to come. It is significant to consider the consequences if these outcomes are not
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