Difference Between Aristotle And Confucius

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Scholars Aristotle and Confucius are both well-known people in history. Aristotle was an incredible Greek rationalist and researcher while Confucius was a Chinese government official, a savant, and an instructor. They both made huge commitments to ideals and morals. Their thoughtful works were comparable in nature, yet with some unique perspectives, thoughts, and points of view toward temperance. Their rationalities are still being used today. They were incredible masterminds with awesome impact in the antiquated society. Confucianism imparts to Aristotle mindfulness that for people to be great, they require moral astuteness and in addition different demeanors of character, yet Confucianism places more prominent accentuation on the part of reflection and concentrate in the improvement of good insight (Provis, 2017). Over the next several paragraphs, it is my goal to address the following: 1)…show more content…
His approach seemed more objective since it was his intention to follow the will of heaven and regardless of the consequences, a person needed to do what was noble, right, good, and true. Although Confucius and Aristotle had many things in common, I believe the biggest difference is that Aristotle had a more pragmatic approach. Since being happy was the greatest virtue according to his ethical philosophy, it seems to be a much more subjective and relative approach, placing emphasis on the external (choosing and learning to be good – outside-in approach), whereas Confucius’s seemed to focus on the internal (inside-out approach), which was ultimately more beneficial to others because it manifested itself as living out the golden rule. So long as it is grounded in truth, in treating those how one would like to be treated, a kind of peace that surpasses all understanding becomes prominent – resulting in the arts of genuine and authentic

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