Essay On Disagreements Between People

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All people are different. All of us have its own vision on the world. We were born in different environments, grew up in different societies and mentalities; each of us has its own culture and traditions; each of us has its own upbringing. This brings to the statement that people have different perspectives on the world. They see one situation, one object completely different. As a consequence people cannot understand each other, because of that we can meet many disagreements everyday between the people. During the existence of the Earth we had many wars, because of the political misunderstanding, or religious disagreements, because of the not respectful attitude towards someone`s choice. That is why this theme is really relevant all the time. So in my essay, I want to discuss how…show more content…
It is like absolutism which says some things are always right or always wrong; the ethical rule that does not have any exclusions. As example, the most known claim is “killing the person is not our responsibility” Even if there are some situations when we do not have any other way to protect ourselves except killing bad guy, still everyone knows that it is not the right and moral way to do. This is one of the examples which provide evidence that there are some claims with no conflicts and disagreements in it. In my conclusion, I want to say that after the analysis and discussion about conflicting knowledge claims in arts and ethics and their difference in perspective, I came to the point that everything has several sides of truth and it is okay. It is normal thing that we may have different understanding and interpretation of one claim, situation, and etc., because we are not robots who are programmed by one code. NO! We are unique individuals with own brains and soul, because of that conflicting knowledge claims have different
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