Difference Between Art And Design

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What separates art and design is complicated, and has been the topic of debates for many years. The line between artists and designers tends to be blurred, but, certain distinctions remain. One of the differences between artists and designers would be the purpose of their creations. Artists create pieces that allow for self expression. Their work consists of their own opinions and thoughts on a wide range of subject matter, such as, political, social and cultural issues and many more. The purpose of the artists’ work is to evoke a response in their audiences – to convey a myriad of thoughts, opinions and feelings to the audience, and, incite the crowd to feel and think the same way. By contrast, when a designer sets out to create a new piece, they almost always have a fixed starting point, whether a message, an image, an idea or an action. The designer’s job isn’t to invent something new, but to communicate something that already exists, for a purpose. That purpose is almost always to motivate the audience to do something: buy a product, use a service, visit a location, and learn certain information. The most successful designs are those that most effectively communicate their message and motivate their consumers to carry out a task. Design involves specific criteria, research and study, along with extreme creativity. Where an artist can begin with a blank canvas and creatively pursue a serendipitous route to an end result, a designer begins with

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