Difference Between Biotechnology And Environment

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WALIHA TAHIR SEM 7 Assign. (1) Biotechnology and Environment – An Ecofriendly Interaction 09/08/2014 Introduction: Biotechnology is the integration of basic and applied sciences in combination with the engineering principles to attain the alternatives to the most traditional techniques which are being used in many fields from centuries. Moreover, it emphasizes on the impartment of better services to the mankind by incorporating the biotechnological advancements which are growing in number day by day. Biotechnology has greatly impacted various fields and disciplines, which were in no way linked to biotechnology, but due to the greatest advancements, it has been made possible. Biotechnology starting from processes of manufacturing industries, agricultural sector, and pharmaceutical production to environmental protection, in each and every field is trying to resolve the matters, which are in no other way being resolved. [1] Environmental biotechnology is one of those areas in which biotechnological principles and advancements are deeply incorporated, to solve the environmental issues that the world has been facing due to rapid urbanization, industrialization and developments that have threatened this planet’s clean environment and have posed a serious threat of depletion of the basic natural resources! Environment and biotechnology have a deep and a strong relation in the present era. It was not a NEW area of interest because of the same old techniques of composting,

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