Compare And Contrast Snowstorms And Blizzards

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Blizzards are severe snow falls with high winds and low visibility. It is not safe to drive on the roads because they may be slippery. This event only happens at colder temperatures. A Snowstorm is an event with low temperatures and precipitation in the form of snow that can occur in late autumn and early winter. It is also not safe to drive in. The amount of snowfall in different areas can differ. If there is a snowstorm or blizzard school is often closed because of the problems it can cause . Blizzards and snowstorms are very similar, with some minor differences. Some people may be unaware of the real differences in the two winter storms. Blizzards and Snowstorms both produce a lot of snow. The snow varies between different areas. These…show more content…
It has to do with the wind. Many say that blizzards are a “larger” version of a snowstorm. Blizzards are different from snowstorms in more than just one way. Blizzards are snowstorms with strong winds and poor visibility. Poor visibility means that you are not able to see that far, sometimes not at all, because there is so much snow. For a snowstorm to qualify as a blizzard winds have to be blowing 35 mph or more for three hours. The visibility has to be so bad that you can 't see a quarter mile ahead. Also, snowstorms can be in Autumn, Fall, and Winter. Blizzards can only be in the winter. In conclusion, snowstorms have to have strong winds and poor visibility to be blizzards and the difference has nothing to do with the amount of…show more content…
Try to not have questions in a research paper. Instead, rewrite this as a statement. For example, “There are different types of snowstorms and blizzards have their own names.” One type of blizzard is a Ground Blizzard. Ground Blizzards do not have a significant snowfall but has high winds that blow around the snow that has already fallen. One type of a Ground Blizzard is a horizontal advection,this is when the wind blows horizontally, picks up the snow and blows it. One other is a vertical advection, this is when it has an upward wind and blows the snow on the ground into the air. Also, there is a lake effect blizzard. A Lake Effect Blizzard is a blizzard that commonly happens around shorelines. It has lake effect snow and high winds. This is a rare type of blizzard. Lake effect snow is produced during cooler weather and moves across long areas of warmer lake water. This warms the lower layer of air which picks up water vapor from the lake. Then, it rises through the cold air above and it freezes.It is placed on the downwind shores. Snowstorm naming began in the mid-1950’s. Most blizzards that have happened are greek and roman names like Athblizzarena, Brutus and Caesar. There are ones like Draco, named after the first legislator in Athens. There are others like Euclid, named after the mathematician who invented geometry . The weather channel says that naming will occur no more than

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