Compare And Contrast Bodybuilders And Bodylifters Essay

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According to many People they say that the strong men such as bodybuilders and powerlifters are not much different from each other and that they both train for the same reason which is just lifting weights and getting stronger. BodyBuilders are not much like powerlifters they train for many different reasons and in many different ways. Bodybuilders also eat much more different than what a powerlifter would eat.(1) Powerlifters also differ from bodybuilders in many ways such as what they compete for or prep for. Some people will argue that they are training for the same thing which is strength and lifting weights. Bodybuilders and powerlifters differ in many ways such as the way they train. For example powerlifters and bodybuilders like to stretch a lot before they do anything, but a…show more content…
For example bodybuilding is a form of art because they train to show off their physique at a show. A Powerlifting is more of a sport considering that they train on three main lifts.(4) They train on these three main lifts to compete at powerlifting meets and try to break new records.(3) Something else about powerlifters is that even the most built powerlifters aren 't nearly as built or have an amazing physique as most bodybuilders because they don’t achieve the same amount of hypertrophy.(1) Powerlifters train to get better at a movement and try to beat world records that are made by other powerlifters.(5) They try to beat the records they don’t train to show off their body like bodybuilders. Bodybuilders like to change up their workouts as well. Bodybuilders will train like powerlifters to get the thickness they need while powerlifters train like bodybuilders to get their weak muscles stronger to help them get more weight on their three main lifts.(3) Many people like to argue that they still do many things alike, but as I said before they train, eat, and train for different
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