Why People Wear Shoes

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Every day we go about our lives wearing shoes. They all share the same purpose: to protect our feet and help us stay comfortable. Two popular styles are boots and sneakers. Each have their own uses different from each other. There are some shoes more practical than others, but they are all used the same way. Some shoes are more rugged than others. For example, boots have been a prime choice for those looking for a heavy-duty shoe. One reason the boot has been a first pick is the material it is made from. Most boots are made from leather a well-known fabric known for its durability. Most other fabrics can't withstand the wear and tear that leather can. Another reason that boots are more chosen is some boots have a steel toe. A steel toe boot provides a lot of protection to the toe area of the shoe because it is reinforced with steel. The last reason is that the boot provides more coverage. Meaning your foot and ankle are always protected so you can't really injure it. Other shoes, such as sneakers, aren't as strong as boots. One of the reasons the sneakers aren't as strong as the boots is they are made from cloth. Cloth is a more lightweight material, so it is used to make shoes used for everyday life. Another reason boots are…show more content…
One case of the sneaker being more flexible than the boot is the thin sole. Most sneakers soles are cut up on the bottom to provide more flexibility. Another reason the sneaker is more flexible than a boot is the material it is made from. Sneakers are usually made from cloth. The material, cloth, allows the foot to breathe and move freely unlike leather. The last example is most sneakers made for running and flexibility are low top. Low top shoes provide more movement for your ankle so you can bend it in ways you can't when wearing boots. So with sneakers you can move in any possible way you can imagine (that's humanly possible of

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