Difference Between Bus And Bus

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Car vs. bus
When discussing the means of transportation the subject of time becomes an enormous deal breaker; therefore, driving a car is superior to taking the bus. To ride the bus, one must know it's scheduled time for arrival to arrive at the desired destination. Having to catch different buses can cause tardiness to the bus scheduled time. People acknowledge that “ Public transport can mean long waiting times and unexpected delays” ( Jones). Riding the bus opens one to new risks that could cause them to be late. On the other hand, taking a private way of transportation there is a certain level of certainty of getting there on time. When comparing the differences between riding the bus and driving a car, it becomes clear that driving a car
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This could influence one’s decision between a car or ride a bus. The reasoning for this is because if one is riding the bus, it is not only them on the bus. There are people going through different things, and you never know what they might do. However, if you take your car, you can choose who you want to let in your car. Being safe is one of the most important things, this could greatly affect one's…show more content…
The reason for this is because transportation could become a struggle for some. When riding the bus one has to pay for each time they get on it. It was also found that “ Ticket prices are rising” (Fenn). This is going to make it difficult for bus riders to afford transportation on a daily. However, if one takes their car, they can run on one gas tank. Some may say that gas is more expensive but having to pay every day for the bus adds up. Riding a car saves you money. These two are very costly, but only one will eventually become a more profitable choice. Riding your car could save one so much more money if they are looking for a daily way of transportation.
The decision to choose between the two ways of transportation one must also think of rules. One the bus there are many things you cannot do because there are so many other people involved. For example, one must not be able to eat or drink on the bus because it could cause someone to get hurt while standing. However, if one decides to ride their car, they get to make up their own rules about what they can take in their car, who gets in it and many more

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