Difference Between Caliphate And Democracy

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THE CALIPHATE AND OTHER SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENTS Differences between the Caliphate and Democracy Caliphate ruling was used after the death of Prophet Muhammad. During that time four well-known caliphs was existed in order to rule the Muslim Empire. Caliphate was applied to Muslims over 12 centuries, started from Abu Bakar in mid of 7th century to the last caliph during the Ottoman sultan, Abdul Mejid that ended during 1924. While, the democracy system was last longer that the caliphate system, democracy system is the one of the oldest forms of government. The historical of ancient Rome and ancient Greece had shown that aristocratic system can form to a democracy system. Democracy system is a form of system that secured people’s right by giving them various kinds of rights. Nowadays, democracy system widespread almost to the whole world. Most of the countries use democracy system in order to rule the country.…show more content…
In caliphate, the election of the leader or the head of state does not need the agreement of the majority. For example, the appointment of the Umar al-Khattab was made by the former caliph that is Abu Bakr. It is either through the former leader or through the enormous vote from the group. In order to appoint a new caliph, there are several major steps that need to go through. The first step is the appointed leader must have influence to the citizen and most important thing is he must be a Muslim. Second, after the citizen appointed the leader, they must pledge (bai’ah) to their new leader. The bai’ah process is done ensure that the people or the citizen trust their new leader and willing to follow the ruling from their new leader. This process shows that the citizens have confidence on their new
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