Difference Between Career And Entrepreneurship

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CAREER PATH – EMPLOYMENT Vs ENTREPRENEURSHIP By: Suresh Sapkota Employees and entrepreneurs both play important role in the business community. It is a choice to become an employee or an entrepreneur. Choosing a career is a challenging task which requires a lot of research, passion and motivation. Many young people do not make career decisions; they just follow what comes by to them. Some people end up in careers they had not planned on, dedication and hard work can make them successful. While some other people are just lucky enough to know what they want to do and end up in satisfying careers. Various studies have shown mainly four general individual characteristics that influence people selecting their careers. They are: 1. Interests: People choose their careers as per their interest area. 2. Self image: A career is a reflection of one’s self image. 3. Personality: It includes personal orientation and need. 4. Social backgrounds: It includes education, socio economic status and parental influence. Now it’s your turn. Close your eyes, take a long breathe and visualize your present position to find out current career anchors. Every individual are different in self-perceived talents, attitudes, motives and values. Career anchors are difficult to predict because it is evolutionary and a result of a process of discovery. Here, you have a choice to go for a job to become a manager or look for an opportunity from the market, establish a business and become an entrepreneur.

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