Difference Between Christianity And Evolution

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Christianity and evolution both has problem co-existing. Many say that Christianity and evolution cannot co-exist, due to many conflicts. Although there is a chance that Christianity and evolution can co-exist even with the conflicts. Christianity has problems with evolution. For starters Christianity and evolution both have a different beginning’s. In Christianity there was a God in the beginning, but for evolution there was a random chance of something to happen. To compare these two and say they can co-exist is quite hard since they don’t agree with each other in the beginning. The Darwinian doctrine states that the evolution of life is a random process, that we are here out of accident. The Bible states that we are here for a reason. We were put on this earth for pure intentions by God. The Darwinian doctrine contradicts the Bible by saying that we are here on earth out of accident while the Bible says otherwise. In the Bible it states that God is the Creator, Savior, and Sustainer. With evolution, life is a self sustained process ruled by fate. Christianity and evolution both contradicts each other in this statement by how God is our sustainer, but for evolution life is self sustained without God, because in the Bible it says that all things happen under the authority of God and that God is still at work sustaining. But in evolution there is no God involved in this earth to
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