Difference Between City And Country

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Different people prefer different places to live. Some people prefer to live in the city rather than live in the country. These two places are very different. Some of the difference people based that decision on are the population, the living cost, the view, and the pace. One difference between the city and the country is the population. Cities have a lot of people. There are usually so many people in one city, that one person will probably never meet most of the rest of the city 's population. In some ways it makes living in the city more dangerous. More people mean more criminals. It also means more traffic, which means more traffic accidents. Whereas in the country you do not have as many neighbors. As more time goes by, people in the area get to know each other well. When most people in the area know each other, or at least have mutual friends, criminals are less likely to get away with breaking the law. Also, when someone knows he is probably going to get caught, he is less likely to commit a crime in the first place. There is also less traffic when you live in the city, which makes it easier to get around because there are less traffic jams and fewer accidents. Another difference between the city and country is the cost of living. Living in the city is expensive. The price of housing is higher as well as child care and school tuition if you opt not to stick with public school. If you can not avoid driving, you will often have to pay for parking and the price of gas is
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