Definition Essay: Difference Between Civil Liberties And Rights

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OVT 2305-73005 Sherry Sharifian Feb 10th. 2018 Jun Seong Paik
Civil Right and liberties Liberties and rights are the forces that all citizens can have, but they express a different meaning. Liberties from the dictionary meaning is an external constraint, a condition that cannot be tied to anything and can be done at will, and a right is a force given by law to enjoy certain life benefits. As such, liberties and rights can be felt in many ways in the dictionary meaning. 1 "It is a fair summary of constitutional history that the landmarks of our liberties have often been forged in cases involving not very nice people - Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter”(Civil Liberties and Civil Rights). As mentioned above from the Chief Justice 's quote, those who want to test liberties and rights are not people with proper civic consciousness. It creates confusion among people and causes confusion. Sometimes when we live, we often get confused with the right to enjoy our liberties. The difference between liberties and rights is whether law is involved or not, but sometimes people forget that part. For example, it is my liberties and right to buy rice or bread with the money I have, but it is my liberties but the situation that infringes other people’s right to steal or take away the other person’s thing. This similar, but much different, part is
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Good use provides great happiness and profit for the citizens, but when used improperly, the citizens suffer great damage. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the politics and the state, and to the politicians who are currently operating the state, and to focus on the way they operate. If they do wrong politics, we must go out and block them and go the right way. If the citizens leave politicians politics bad, we will have the damage completely. A double-edged sword is a great benefit for us. Our rights and freedoms can only be kept by us, which is a great strength for our future
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