Difference Between Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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1 Gurung Alisha Gurung Sherry S. Sharifian Govt. 1 2305-73431 SLO #1 February 11, 2018 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: Differences and Relationship United States of America has had a long history describing every factor that come together to create it as a nation. The American history includes wars, cold wars, political issues, unions, rallies, movement and many other activities that established America as nation. In all of those activities, government had a great role into dealing with the issues. Also, one thing that is seen common in all of those movement was people and their fight for their rights and liberties. Briefly, civil rights and liberties have always moved together, and their difference is complicated as people tend to use them in interchangeable way. However, their difference is that, civil rights is the equality that people demand for whereas, civil liberty is certain activities that government itself does not have the authority to do (Muller). For example, people should not be discriminated regarding their gender, race etc. is civil right, and the first amendment which says that government cannot establish America as any religious country is civil liberty. 2 So basically, civil rights protect people from discrimination while civil liberties protect the people from power of government. There are many amendments in the constitution developed by supreme courts that secure the civil rights and liberties of the people; among 27 amendments of the constitution,
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