Difference Between Collectivism And Individualism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Imagine general uproar, mass confusion, and uprisings that were daily parts of the Russian Revolution. Visualize a young girl growing up in the midst of utter chaos. These events did indeed happen to a woman named Ayn Rand. Conflict and anger caused Ayn Rand to become very opinionated; hence, she authored the book Anthem. Making waves in the view of the public, Ayn Rand used extreme situations to illustrate the difference between the Collectivism and Individualism in her book. After the concluding paragraph of this essay, you will understand the void between individualism and Collectivism, and appreciate the depth of the severe scenarios Ayn Rand composed. Ayn Rand was justified when she authored Anthem and included extreme scenarios for the reasons of her personal opinion, the understanding of readers, and the effect of proving a point.
Like stated above, Ayn Rand grew up in Russia, at a time of civil unrest, and was in the right when she penned the book Anthem using extreme scenarios; justified because of her opinion. Ayn Rand shared the same views as the lead character in Anthem about Individualism,
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“Land of the Free” (Key), a line from the National Anthem of the United States of America, explains the American dream; the ability to govern your own daily choices. Each person has the right to own possessions, and more importantly, own their thoughts. To the average citizen of the USA, freedom is a birthright, available from the first breath until the last. For Americans, Collectivism is a foreign concept, sometimes difficult to view through the lenses of democracy. For other readers, Individualism may be as alien of a concept as Collectivism is to an American. To bring these two very separate worlds together, Ayn Rand needed an utmost representation of each belief, so that readers of different backgrounds could grasp crucial concepts of the theme of the
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