Difference Between Communication And Culture

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Communication and culture, while two different concepts, interweave with one another. To study communication, one should study different cultures. On the other hand, if one would study culture, studying how a certain society communicates with one another would shed some light into their customs and traditions.
With this, culture can be used as determinants of how people communicate. In short, culture is communication in the form of symbols and language. An example of this is verbal and non-verbal communication. People will know your culture because it is ingrained in the language that you use to speak or act through the use of body movements. Other forms of culture as communication are kinesics, oculesics, and haptics. As such, how you act communicates with people of your culture – the way your body and eyes convey messages in a conversation and how you interact with people physically. Proxemics are also seen as culture as communication. In the readings, the corner office study suggests that the very concept of space can also communicate something to us. According to it, persons assigned in the corner office would signify the he has a higher rank than the others and that only his loyal assistants can only be placed near him as doing otherwise would be a hindrance to executing and brainstorming out plans that he has in his mind. Aside from proxemics, our fashion sense can also communicate to others our culture. The dress that you wear and the shoes are considered as a
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