Difference Between Consumerism And Tourism

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This is the summary of tourism research written by Henry Johnson from University of Otago. It was published on December 2002 in New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 4 (page 8-32).This research discusses about the performing arts and music that is often inherent due to the predominant use of the arts in Balinese cultural tourism. Here, the writer states that Globalization is often connected with cultural (very often western) hegemony. However, the recent history of global consumerism has also produced non-American giants. There are some industries such as, Japanese electronics or German luxury cars, they have the primary purpose to sell their product in markets that seem to be getting larger in terms of consumerism, but smaller in terms of the spread of global consumerism.
There are also other products of global travel that have a recent history of being transmitted from one culture and then consumed in others. It can be seen the difference between consuming a Starbucks’ coffee (American) and some sushi (Japanese), for instance, is that while both are very much the products of increasing global flows, the former is analogous to many other consumer giants that dominate so many markets over the world, while the latter is more likely to be the product of a local industry that is cashing in on the recent popularization of Japanese cuisine around the world. A product of globalization that

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