Difference Between Criminal Justice And Criminology

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Many people have different viewpoints as to what criminal justice and criminology are, in my point of view I believe these two terms have a distinct definition and action. Although they might sound somewhat similar based on the textbook criminal justice is said to be defined as “institutions, policies, and practices with the goal of maintaining social control through sanctions and rehabilitation.” and it also states that criminology is “academic discipline that investigates the nature extent and causes of criminal offending”. In my own words, what my understanding of criminal justice is that it refers to the system of law enforcement, courts, and corrections in the U.S. that includes actions from the government in which aim to lessen the occurrence of crime, uphold social control and apply consequences for those who violate the laws. On the other hand, my perspective of criminology is more on analyzing why crime happens. It explores the different types and causes of crime and their consequences. Societal response to crime in criminal justice I would like to begin with emphasizing more on criminal justice itself. Like I stated before, criminal justice describes the societal response to crime. On page 28 of the textbook it states criminal justice refers to more of the “policy aspects of crime” Therefore, the most known component of criminal justice is law enforcement and within law enforcement, police officers, FBI agents, border patrols and U.S martials come into the
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