Cross Country Running Style Analysis

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People think that cross country is easy and doesn´t have any difficulty. They are wrong! Cross country doesn’t only consist on running at a constant pace throw a considerable distance. When comparing the running styles of a track runner and cross country runner we notice a huge difference. As when running cross country you need to move the different parts of the body in an optimum position to ensure your performance is the best. Firstly runners should establish a base level of endurance to compete effectively. There’s a difference between running 100 m sprints or 10 kilometers races. As the levels of endurance you will require will depend on the distance you perform on. This endurance is built by training equal or longer distances. An important…show more content…
If we are able to run with our head up keeping a straight back will help us remain in an upright and efficient position. Also it helps us keep our chest open, allowing us to breathe more freely. The hips also have an important role as they are the ones who control our center of gravity. As a consequence they are the key for a perfect running posture. However if our torso isn’t straight the hips will not be in alignment. If when running we allow the torso to lean too far forward our pelvis will tilt forward as well. This is a problem as our body is out of the normal alignment of the body. Despite all the body positions the majority of the movement and efficiency is concentrated in the legs. Endurance running requires a slight knee lift, a fast turnover and a short stride. While sprinters do the opposite, as they lift their knees high to produce as much power as they can. However they can only run like this for a short distance as it would tire too much run long distances like this. If we are able to run correctly and with a correct stride length our feet should land underneath the body. This will facilitate fluid forward movement, which will improve our endurance. This correct movement will avoid that our quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius get tires, ripped or
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