Difference Between Cultural Differences Affect International Business

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Analyzing how differences in between cultural affect international business. Understanding, knowing and identifying the role of cultural differences can be the key to being successful in business internationally. Whatever department you belong to, cultural differences will have an impact on your profitability. To gain competitive advantage and have the capacity to build a positive image in the business world, it is important to improve and increase the knowledge of international cultural difference in business. Factor of cultural differences of different countries which can have direct impact on the business are: • Communication Around the world, all of us have been taught to follow different cultures. There are differences in communication between people from one country to another. Some of us are loud, blunt and direct. Conversely, some of us are soft-spoken, slow and patiently listens to others. During a business conference, meeting, phone call or gathering, these differences are likely to come in handy. Learning and adjusting to the way your business partners and colleagues communicate…show more content…
In just a moment, you are on a video conference talking to someone miles apart with just a phenomena called the internet. But there are etiquettes which have to be followed keeping the various cultures in mind. If making an international phone or video conferencing call, time zone difference and reasonable time is considered. Cultural differences can affect availability. Many cultures have longer breaks than others, which means without asking and making a call would end up being unsuccessful since the other person might be busy. The best way to avoid unsuccessful calls is to confirm before conferencing. When you are connected, speak clearly and slowly or else the message will not be delivered and it could create communication
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