Difference Between Culture And Native American Culture

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Walking down a street in New York City is an experience unto itself. From the colorful, diverse clothing to the different languages, there is always something new to see and hear. The clash of so many cultures is part of what makes New York City so fascinating. It is beautiful in its diversity and acceptance. No one enjoying the blur of cultures and languages can imagine the difficulties and horrors caused by the same diversity in cultures and languages elsewhere. I believe that every problem in all of history can be traced back to differences. Every culture is different from another, and many do not accept what is different. Being unable to communicate merely compounds this problem. Columbus believed the Native Americans to be simple because of their language,…show more content…
Having a basis for understanding is half the fight towards peace. An ability to communicate might leave room for the possibility of discussion, which can diffuse a situation or create a peaceful environment. The differences between cultures and different peoples cannot be overlooked, but they can be understood and accepted if people can easily communicate. The Indians could have explained their simple way of life to Columbus and the thousands of Europeans that followed him. The communication would have eased trading, so that the natives would not be tricked into selling their land and belongings for cheap trinkets and alcohol. This would have eased tensions further down the road, when Americans wanted to spread west onto land owned by Native Americans and the Indians had learned not to trust the white man’s trades. It would have cooled the fires of war when Tecumseh gathered his army, or on the Little Bighorn as the Sioux rebelled against harsh reservation laws set by the government. Having a common language would have given the natives and the foreigners a basis from which to work at the start, without tricks or
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