Difference Between Culture And Subculture

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When talking about culture, we should not forget to mention subculture. Many people often mix those two definitions up. With subculture, a culture within a culture is meant. You could also compare it to those films about American High Schools where everyone belongs to a certain group, those groups represent the subcultures. It is possible to belong to more than one subculture. In a certain society, everyone shares the main culture, but not the same subcultures. The definitions culture and subculture are already defined in chapter one, but in this chapter we are going to dig a little deeper in the differences between them. There is not one culture in one country, because a lot of people migrate to different countries these days. They take the culture from where they come from with them, and so you get different cultures within one country. To make it even more difficult, within different cultures you can have the same subcultures. So, in a country, there are different cultures with different subcultures, but these subcultures could be the same in those cultures.…show more content…
In our country, there are numerous different cultures and subcultures. Subcultures often have their own style, people express this style by wearing certain clothes or listening to certain music. Some examples of these subcultures are emo, hippie, punk, nerd and hipster. These subcultures are usually the only subcultures people choose to belong to, in the other cases people often follow their parents. There are also ethnic and religious subcultures. These have of course to do with where you origins lie and in which god you believe. By all means you do not belong to ethnic subcultures voluntary, this is just a case of

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