Difference Between Culture And Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Mounir Houaoura
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Title : Culture and teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Nowadays, English has become the most prevalent language all over the world . That is to say, it is used in publishing findings and discoveries in many fields from psychology to computer sciences . Therefore, teaching English has turned into an obligation in many countries either if their official language is English or not. However, the cultural aspect of teaching English is the topic of huge debates between scholars who suggest that teaching American or British culture in ELT helps students increase their knowledge of the language , and those who think that teaching English British or American culture is a form of imperialism which leads to the alienation of students from their own culture. Another view , which I adopt, posits that a teacher can help their students discover new cultures and still persevere their own while teaching them English language. Scholars, who agree with the idea that teaching English must include the British/ American culture, support their opinion by claiming that culture and language cannot be separated. In other words, they are the two sides of the same coin. Accordingly, they think that teachers should include the foreign cultures (British / American) when teaching English. One of the scholars who support this assumption is Zofia Chlopec as she argues that ?teaching and learning a
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