Difference Between Culture Is Communication And Communication Is Culture

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Globalization with the development of science, technology, economies, communication and travel makes communication between members of different cultures become more convenient and frequent. Although people are consciously attempting to interact effectively, there is existence of misunderstanding even conflicts during communicating because they do not understand the culture of their partners. In order to avoid the misunderstanding, it is necessary to decode culture- related messages and it can only done by learning and sharing via communication. As Hall (1959) pointed out, “culture is communication and communication is culture” (cited in Samovar et al., 2009) . In other words, culture is learnt and shared through communication and
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In general, communication is sharing and receiving messages. More specifically, according to Brown G.G., “Communication is transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence. But the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver”. Or communication is “the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings” (cited in Oxford dictionary) . Extended from this definition, intercultural communication can be defined as “the sharing of information on different levels of awareness and control between people with different cultural backgrounds, where different cultural backgrounds include both national cultural differences and differences which are connected with participation in the different activities that exist within a national unit” (Allwood, 1985). Or intercultural communication is communication between people whose cultural perceptions and symbol systems are distinct enough to alter the communication event. For example, the communication between Vietnamese people and an English expert, or the communication between French businessmen and their Vietnamese partners or the communication between an Australian instructor with his Vietnamese
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