Difference Between Democracy And Democracy

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Democracy and Dictatorship
Democracy versus Dictatorship
Table of Contents Introduction
Merits and Demerits
Some past regimes Discussion and Conclusion References

What is Democracy ?

Government of the People , by the people , for the people (Abraham Lincoln) It refers to the type of Government , elected by the Local bodies and exercised by them directly or indirectly.
It is the most experienced and common type of
Government . Democracy Main Points : People elect their own Government. They are ruled by the people of their own choice. There is no One Party Government in the Country A common person is considered as the Primary source of the elected Government . No One Man Show.

Merits of Democracy:
Local Body government in which people are free to choose their rulers
People have liberty of speech.

Public Questions are decided by the will of majority.
People get the chance to change the governing bodies .
Legal form of government.

Voters have the opportunity to select the person who they believe can serve them in a favorable manner. They have the freedom to choose their Head by the general elections.

Demerits of democracy:
According to Napoleon , “ Nine people out of ten are fool” This cause the election of some illegible persons Corruption and Bribery. Ill-litrate people sometimes choose the people on caste and creed basis. Expensive mode of government. Influence by lobbyist on governing bodies. As the people representatives are
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