Essay On Public Policy And Democracy

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Democracy is a system of government in which all citizens of a state have equal participation in making decisions about state’s affairs. The three organs of democracy are the legislature, executive and the judiciary. Legislatures makes the policy and enacts it as law, the Executers executes or carries out policy in action and the judiciary applies the law according to rules of procedural justice and resolves disputes.
For a successful democracy, the existence of a free judiciary is a must. Without it, the system may be equivalent to dictatorship. Parliament and the state legislature made the constitution and the judiciary is given the responsibility to correct their errors, if at times the other two cross the
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Role of the Judiciary in Public policies

As I discussed in the former sections, the design and implementation of public policies are in the hands of the major organs of the legislatures and executive branch who as representatives of the state have certain assumed obligations and when these obligations are not honored, the judicial branch is called in to restore the rights of groups that are excluded from the public policies to incorporate these groups in the public discussion and to try to restore the rights that are not honored by the policies that are carried out by governments. So, the judicial branch has the role of final protector of affected groups.
In the cases of serious social problems where the violation of rights cannot be addressed on a single case, it is necessary to resort to a judicialization of the public policy to develop a structural remedy with a correct sentence implementation by the judges to correct the violations of the rights in question such as cases related to access to healthcare, also cases related to the environment. This shows in fact, judges are actually an actor, I do not know whether a main one, but definitely important when developing public

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