Difference Between Democracy And Democracy

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“PUBLIC POLICY AND JUDICIARY” 1. INTRODUCTION-DEMOCRACY AND JUDICIARY Democracy is a system of government in which all citizens of a state have equal participation in making decisions about state’s affairs. The three organs of democracy are the legislature, executive and the judiciary. Legislatures makes the policy and enacts it as law, the Executers executes or carries out policy in action and the judiciary applies the law according to rules of procedural justice and resolves disputes. For a successful democracy, the existence of a free judiciary is a must. Without it, the system may be equivalent to dictatorship. Parliament and the state legislature made the constitution and the judiciary is given the responsibility to correct their errors, if at times the other two cross the limits of their powers as defined in the constitution. Thus, these three limbs of democracy must be separated as much as possible and balanced against each other. As majority of legislatures and executives are of the same party in power, they may act in such a manner in which an individual or a group of people might not get benefitted from the policies made for them. In this situation the judiciary is the only institution to which an individual may appeal for help and once the verdict goes against such a public policy, the executives and legislature are expected to back off for the smooth functioning of democracy. 1.1 How these policies are made? Public Policy is any plan applicable to issues of
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