Difference Between Descriptive Grammar And Prescriptive Grammar

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Grammar is the set of rules that explain how words are used in language (Merriam-webster.com, 2017). Distinction is made between types of grammars: descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar. Although there are certain notable similarities and differences present between the two forms, but they both are of equal importance in a student’s life. Descriptive grammar is the objective description of what speakers of language know about the language, while prescriptive grammar focuses on the ‘proper’ and grammatical use of language which is influenced by historical and aesthetic considerations. Primarily, there are two similarities and plenty of differences between the two types. Despite the two different focuses, both grammars are used to evaluate the methodology people use to construct sentences. Adopting an individual set of rules, both grammars govern the language to function and be understood in a specific way. However, descriptivists judge one’s linguistic competence based on their linguistic performance, while prescriptivists refer to the book of grammar rules as…show more content…
The rules construct a language system in our minds which makes understanding concepts easier, (Debate.org, 2017). Moreover, the commonly used standardized language saves us learning from the diversity of grammar forms. With the help of grammar rules, second language learners are more prone to effective learning. Thus, the standard norm makes student-teacher life convenient. Despite all the benefits, prescriptive grammar leads to some communication problems. Grammar rules influence students to a length that when faced with the chance of learning English via authentic experiences, students are often confused communicating with native English speakers. They are bound by rules that prevent them from adapting to the modern language style. Nonetheless, prescriptive grammar is considered to be more prestigious than other

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