Difference Between Drama And Process Drama

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Drama is literature written for performance--or at least written in a style that would allow for stage performance. As a text form, drama can be thought of as story told though spoken remarks and stage directions(Kurland ,2000) .When we hear the term drama we think fun, excitement , expression of one’s self . A famous quote says that “play is not in the words, it’s in you” (Steller Adler). In the world of drama it is essential that we understand the difference between Process and Product Drama. The importance behind their differences is vital as it will help one to better able appreciate ad understand what drama is really about and what drama entails because drama is seen as much more than just movements , drama is life itself. Product…show more content…
Process drama ‘is a whole-group drama process, improvised in nature, in which attitude is of greater concern than character’ (Bowell and Heap (2001), 7). In this type of drama students get to share their ideas and bring them to life. In process drama the emphasis is placed on participants experiencing personal growth through an exploration of their understanding of the issues within dramatic experience. In process drama the students will be presented with a theme or a scenario rather than a script and they are expected to present this scenario in a creative way and by doing this students will add their own personal experiences to the play. Unlike product drama, in process drama student and teacher share equal places in the development, analysis and production of the drama. This drama is normally not performed for an audience and so process drama is used as a platform which focuses on “the-actor-in-everyone” and the “theatre urge” to express, be known, seen, and heard. Process drama mixes improvisation with lines; blends…show more content…
The process drama may be better suited in the Jamaican situation as students in the Jamaican classroom likes to express themselves and by doing so they often use the Jamaican creole to add their own twist to a play. In the Jamaican setting the teacher would teach a lesson in which at the end of the lesson she wants students to demonstrate their understanding of the content in the lesson in order for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson they have to come up with creative means and by doing so they step out of the whole content based situation(Product drama) and get into a comfortable situation(Process Drama) to demonstrate their own understanding of the content so the teacher can see that they understand what was being taught. And so process drama is seen not only as drama itself per say but as a learning process for both the students and teacher because it is often said that children live what they learn. Process Drama function as a means to explore a variety of intense personal, social and educational issues. Unlike product drama Process drama is a dynamic teaching methodology in which the teacher and the students work together to create an imaginary dramatic world and work within that world to

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