Difference Between Dualism And Monism

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In philosophical terms the mind-brain problem studies the dynamics of the mind–body problem & examines the relationship linking the mind & the brain, specifically the connection between the consciousness & the brain.
This issue has been significantly addressed by many in the historically for eg; René Descartes in the 17th century, pre Aristotelian philosophers, in Avicennian philosophy, in earlier Asian traditions; all these previous famous discussions led to the emergence of the Cartesian dualism concept. Quite a few approaches have been shared mainly dualist & monist in nature. Dualism propagates a firm differentiation between the scope of the mind and matter. Monism on the other hand, represents the concept about how there is only one unifying reality, substance or essence in terms of which everything is understandable.
Within these two perspectives itself there are a number of variants. Two of the critical types of dualism are substance dualism & property dualism. Substance dualism, explains how the mind is developed of a distinctive substance not ruled by the laws of physics, while property dualism, states that mental properties including conscious experience are existential properties, beside the fundamental properties proposed by conventional physics. Monism comprises of 3 main forms which are described as physicalism, which believes that matter that is organized in a particular manner which is the basic contribution to what the mind consists off, the second form is
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