Difference Between Earthworm And Bullfrog

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Earthworm and Bullfrog comparison 1/14/2018 Dissecting the Animal Kingdom pd 7 pg1 The organisms i will be comparing are the Earthworm and the Bullfrog, the Earthworm is part of the phylum Annelid and the Bullfrog is part of the Phylum Chordate. The earthworm is a invertebrate and the Bullfrog is a vertebrate. This means that the Earthworm does not have a skeletal structure in its body but a bullfrog does. A key characteristic of both the animals is that they have bilateral symmetry. This means that that you could basically split both of the animals in half and both sides would be the same because they are bilaterally symmetrical, both halves of the body are identical. The bodies do obviously look very different though since the earthworm is snake like and has no appendages whereas the bullfrog has appendages and uses them to move around. The bodies of the two are somewhat similar but also have very different appearances. The Bullfrog and Earthworm are similar in terms of habitat because they both need a moist environment to survive, they can’t allow their skin to dry out. The big difference between the two though is that the earthworm lives underground in soil and the bullfrog lives above land in ponds or lakes. The earthworm typically lives in rainforest areas that have very moist soil, but they are able to live anywhere that has moist soil. The bullfrogs typically stay around lakes or ponds or creeks. They like warm, shallow, and calm waters. The
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