Difference Between Electronic Media And Digital Media

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Media is to interface with multiple people. It is a communication tools that connect us to other people either to one or more, anywhere at any time in the far distance. Including newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, and film.
Decades ago, analog recorded media has become a powerful tool that popular. Now, it has been upgraded to digital media. Digital media represent a big change from analog media at one time. Digital media is different from print media such as magazines and newspapers or analog media such as audio tapes and other traditional media. Digital media include digital video, software and computer programs, digital image, digital audio such as MP3 and websites, including social media. It is not too different in terms of its function. But, the uniqueness of digital media is on the ability to send, and copy the data easily. Digital media usually is functioning electronic media using digital code.
Nowadays, computing is essentially based on the binary numeral system. Therefore, the digital is discrete state "0" and "1" which represents data arbitrarily. Computers are machines that usually translate the binary digital data as information and thus represent a class of initial mastery of the machines processing digital information. Digital media such as digital video, digital audio, and other digital content is now exist in a format that is readable by a computer and can be transferred to devices such as DVD, hard disk, and CD or to more distant locations via

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