Difference Between Environmentalism And Feminism

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‘Environmentalism’ is similar to ‘Feminism’. By and larger, both the movements have been oppressed by capitalism and male chauvinism respectively and marginalized in the past by policy makers and corporations. In the long run, environment and women need a world where they do not need saving or protection anymore and are sheltered from being exploited. Consequently, just as the world cannot progress and achieve its true potential by leaving one gender behind, in the same way we cannot achieve sustainable development by ignoring our environment.
Chiefly, two things in life which have framed my choices – one a learning, another a city. To begin with, print media and internet have been a constructive influence on me, widening my world from the
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The urban centres are the biggest polluters on Earth and also largest emitters of greenhouse gases which in turn is responsible for global warming and climate change. Global warming has been known to be causes of inequality, economic and political instability, terrorism, etc. Moreover, while developed countries have the means and resources to deal with the effects of climate change, it’s the under-developed and developing countries that suffer the most. For example, my own country India suffers from a distressing problem. Being a lower-middle income country it needs fast paced development for growth and better quality of life. But if it follows the path of most developed countries, it wants to burn fossil fuels to achieve…show more content…
In the year 2011, I joined Manipal Institute of Technology to study Civil Engineering. During the first year, I studied Environmental Sciences which explained the different eco-systems existing on the planet and their interactions. During 5th and 7th semester, my subjects Environmental Engineering (1&2) gave me in-depth information about different pollutants in the environment, their effects and remediation. Furthermore, my elective Environmental Impact Assessment taught me how to calculate the environmental effects of mega projects. Additionally, my elective ‘Networks and Project Management’ was instrumental in teaching me efficient management of resources and projects. My other elective, Industrial Psychology taught me the fundamentals of human behaviour and what drives humans to make certain choices. In my last semester, as part of my course work I presented a report on ‘Effects of tunnelling on existing foot over bridge’. The aim was to determine the effects and propose a solution for smooth construction without damaging the existing structure. Other than technical knowledge the lesson I took away was that we need to find ingenious ways to construct without disrupting the day to day life of

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