Difference Between Equality And Diversity

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Equality and Diversity is a phrase used to define diversity and human privileges in ordinary life. It encourages and inspires equality of occasion for all, providing to each one the chance to attain their possible being free from bias and judgement and discrimination. The Equality Act 2006 states it is a lawful requirement for all public institutions to promote equality in their policies, guidelines and practices, thus having an impact on other organisations meeting their legal duties when working with one another, to promote equality whilst also doing so themselves (Equality Act 2010). In addition, equality and diversity can be encouraged by making clear the boundaries and barriers of students, which should be supervised until the end…show more content…
A teacher must be able to teach all their students in accordance with whatever style the students learn best. The tutor must help the student overcome any obstacles during learning by being patient, listening as well as giving the student necessary support possible. Learning challenges should be set appropriately for different pupils, promoting equality through different teaching methods. Discrimination, bullying and other issues must be addressed in a suitable manner. Good behaviour should be rewarded be and students must have accesses to additional resources. Diversity is about treating learners as individuals. A tutor needs to be able to familiarise teaching approaches to accommodate the needs of individual learners. Altogether individuals have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, as everyone is an individual with different needs, abilities and experiences. I think of every learner as the same as all learners and without regard to marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, social background or any other distinction. I put my effort to treat everyone with equal dignity and worth, irrespective of the group or groups to which they belong, while also raising aspirations and supporting achievement for people with diverse requirements, entitlements and backgrounds. If needed, I provide a supportive learning
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