Essay On Carl Rogers Vs Yalom

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“Between us and heaven or hell, there is only life, which is the frailest thing in the world"

1.1 Existentialism and death.

The problems we face of death seem somewhat natural with the connection it has to existentialism. It roots to our idea of the philosophy of life, in terms of reflection on our existence as humans and not only the contingence but the limitations thereof. Death encompasses the individual’s fundamental existence on the one hand and reshapes our concepts of its nature complementing one another in order to enlighten the idea of it. The manifestation of an individual to herself/himself is made probable by nothingness.

The notion of spirituality and death in existentialism.
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Both Carl Rogers and Irvin D. Yalom find that there are healing in therapeutic relationships and agree in this regard. (Duerzen, E. V., 2018)
Yalom, however, places his focus in the client’s dealing with issues from a viewpoint that is more philosophical whilst Carl Rogers differs mainly with existentialism.
The person-cantered approach deems the client as being authoritative with experiences constructing change with the idea of unconditional positive regard, executed mindfully.
In contrast Yalom's existential approach views the client’s transitioning as changing continually and facilitates these encounters. (Nelson-Jones, 2001)
Within both of these theories, we can agree that they take into account the client as the main focus, In order to figure out issues as well as to enable the expansion of perspectives, although existence focuses on the notion freedom of choice and how this can in turn shape the lives of individuals.
Both the abovementioned approaches look mainly at now and here but do not fully take into account past events when treating
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