Difference Between Factories In The Victorian Era

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Factories are a common thing today but during the victorian era they were an interesting place to be in. They were not the best place you could work either. Factories were much different in the Victorian era than they are today, in such ways as in the daily life of the workers, transportation, the steam engine, child labor, and mass production were all different.
The way the workers lived was a very difficult way of life, for example many people moved from farms to find jobs in the cities (,2). Farming was a difficult job that did not provide much money to support a family. People needed to find ways to support their family, but jobs were limited where they were. Due to the amount people moving to Britain, buildings became packed and could not house all the people that were coming in (,4). Since there were limited jobs outside of the city, lots of people were coming to factories to find jobs and the country was not able to keep up with the flow of people. Families were crowded into a limited living space. Most people that came to work in the factories were poor (,4). Factories attracted the poor due to lack of jobs. The poor greatly contributed to the production of goods. Workers were paid low wages for dangerous working conditions and if they were not working hard enough they could be easily replaced (,4). The factories were a fast paced industry and didn’t need anyone slowing the process down. There were many other people
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