Difference Between Family And Family Essay

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When we find ourselves in some situation we either turn to a family member or a friend. But who will always be there for you? That's a hard question cause we all find ourselves in different situations. But my argument here is that we have to know the difference between our friends and our family. Family and friends play a great role in our life’s in order for us to feel complete. It is important to have the support of your friends and family, although in the modern world friendship has become a greater importance than family, from some people's perspectives. People now feel that their friends are their family, which is not wrong to think, but they forget about the ones that are really there. A family is forever, and the number of friends can't…show more content…
You look for the idea of where you’ve grown up your values and what you’ve seen as you became an adult with the help of your people.It's a big step in your life and when you take that step your paths will align together to form a stronger bond than anything else and it's a bond you can't share with anybody else is more than just a relationship. As you walk on this earth a series of paths will be put in front of you the people that will stand with you is your family Remember that family is the people that are there to shape you, and build a foundation to help you grow into a great example in your community, and also share your accomplishments, your sorrows, and deepest sacrifices. They work hard to see you do better. There are times when you get older and you don't like how much your family is involved in your life; doesn't mean you love them any less. Family and friends, both are important, but no matter how much your friends are there they can always turn their backs. Nothing can overshadow the love of family and, no matter how much you all fight or disagree, they will always have your back no matter the situation and, when things get tough never doubt that blood is thicker than

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