An Essay About Human Food Culture

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Register to read the introduction…Food, as defined in the dictionary, is any substance that provides the nutrients necessary to maintain life and growth when ingested. Differently from animals which feed themselves with repeatedly consume those necessary food for well-being, Humans eat. Eating is differentiated from feeding by the ways how human acquire food. Humans gather nuts or fruits from trees, or hunt animals in forest, but they also grow plants and raise livestock. The appearance of agriculture lights up the possibility in regulating some food accessibility .This allowed the development of specific customs connected to foods that are the essentials of diet, such as wheat or rice. Humans also cook, softening tough foods, including raw grains and meats, and reducing toxic substances in other items, such as certain root vegetables. This greatly expands the number and variety of edible substances available (Counihan .C, Esterik .P.V, 2007).

However, the way how humans choose food is not only to survive in a better condition, but to create a more complicated system related biology, sociology and physiology. Food choice is a complex result of the interaction of human nutritional needs, ecology, economics, and psychology and other social influences,
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It is defined as food and beverage (the things we eat and drink), and eating and drinking.(the activities how we eat and drink) thus, food culture means the culture people create though the process in food and beverage seeking and consuming, more specially, food culture refers to customs, traditions and philosophies related to food habits and techniques , science, and arts. All these are formed and implemented through the use of raw foodstuff, preparation and consuming. Food culture is rich in it’s contents, it includes food resources, containers, food making and consuming, eating habits, table manners and so on , and all these structures the different level of food

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