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Crime scene investigation and forensic science are surprisingly very different. Crime scene investigation isn’t that show on TV where practically everything they do is highly inaccurate. It means crime scene investigation. In the crime Scene Investigation shows they typically show one person doing all the work. They’ll show him or her collecting evidence, doing the investigation and detective work, and they’ll show them working in the lab. Each of these roles are different jobs. The one to be working in the lab is where forensic science comes in. Crime scene investigators typically don’t step into the lab at all. They are mostly out on the field collecting evidence for the lab technicians. A crime scene investigator is a professional who is…show more content…
They make sure all the evidence is packaged correctly to be sent to a forensic laboratory. Being a Crime Scene Investigator requires specific education and training. Having a four year degree is common for crime scene investigators. Post-graduate work and master’s programs are also often pursued by crime scene investigators as to achieve crime Scene Investigation jobs that require specialized knowledge, such as DNA (DeoxyRiboNucleic Acid), latent print, and firearms (“CSI Job Description”). The job description may vary for a crime scene investigation depending on the geographic location, size of the law enforcement agency, or the size and scope of the crime scene. Crime scene investigators travel throughout their area which may be cities, counties, or states.
A forensic science technician aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. Many technicians
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crime scene investigators work out on the crime scenes while the lab technicians are in the lab. When taking college classes for crime scene investigation students should expect classes such as criminal procedure, evidence management, and courses in lab-bases science. When taking college classes for forensic science students should expect classes like biology, chemistry, physics, pathology, anthropology, and many more classes which include

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