Difference Between Formative And Summative Assessment

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Typically, young children especially those in primary schools simply do not learn what they are taught unless there is reinforcement. Assessment is used by educators so often to link their teaching to students’ learning (William, 2013). However, if it is done without any sort of feedback, it might not be useful at all. Teachers assess with the purpose of acknowledging strengths and weaknesses in a child in order to formally or informally instruct the child making room for improvement (Mikre, 2010). It is also important for it informs individual learning achievements to students themselves, their parents and education institutes. There are two forms of assessment; formative and summative. Formative assessment is done continuously throughout the school year whereas summative assessment usually takes place towards the end of every term. The main difference between formative and summative is the kind of feedback it offers; formative usually gives feedback on grades as well as how to improve but summative only covers the grades part. It can be deduced that formative assessment molds the way student construct their answers in summative assessment. In this report, I will discuss about the use of written assessment as an assessment tool. The report will explain how to conduct and assess written assessment along with its benefits and limitations on evaluating a child. Written assessment Each child is their own individual with different set of unique features and it can be

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