Difference Between Free Marriage And Arranged Marriage

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Arranged Marriage vs. Free Marriage
Generally marriage is a significantly hard decision and affect all aspects of our lives. Moreover, all the marriage will not be successful with a happy ending. Choosing your spouse and married free with love is popular and legal in many countries and Arranged marriage in which parents choose who you can marry are two types of marriages. Both systems have benefits and drawbacks, but deciding about your life and choosing your partner seems more logical and natural. With marriage freely people have a chance to know each other better before marriage, understand their partners’ priority, and last but not the least they can marry with love.
Many people would argue that youth make many mistake when they want to choose their life partner and it resulting in depression and lack of confidence. Moreover, they cannot trust their feelings any more. Or in an arranged marriage parents trusts the family they choose for their children so, it is good when parents choose their partners for them because they know their children. It is true that youth may find some of their experiences unpleasant and unsuccessful but, finally, they would find a suitable spouse and their experiences help them in their lives. And surly, some arranged marriage may be successful, but their
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Love is one of the most important thing that makes free marriage better than arranged marriage is love. Not only Love give the marriage meaning and purpose, but also helps to forgive your spouse more easily. In an arranged marriage couples start their lives without any feelings for each other and are doomed to live with each other without knowing their exact feeling. Unfortunately, they may feel they are not suitable for each other after the marriage. In arranged marriage most of the time couples live together even though they do not want each other anymore but, they cannot divorce because of the cultures and tradition of their

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