Difference Between Freedom Of Speech And Hate Speech

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Other than the words, “free food,” two words have ever ignited a quick reaction like – Donald Trump. Regardless of your opinions of the presidential candidate, Mr. Trump’s has made statements and expressed ideologies that were offensive to various groups of people, have reminded me about a long overdue conversation that we need to have on Andover’s campus; a conversation about the slight, yet vastly importance, difference between what exact freedom of speech and hate speech are.

By technical definition, hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits of identity. Somewhat contradictory, freedom of speech is known as the right to express one’s ideas without censorship or retaliation from the government. Obvious examples of hate speech would be racial slurs or threating to destroy a place of workshop. The problem; however, is knowing when a person is entailed to say an opinion because of their freedom of speech and knowing when a person is using hate speech.

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In addition, Andover could help students establish better ways to express their opinions by offering MLK day worships that focus on inclusive language to use and the impact that words have towards other people. Free speech should be used over hate speech during any given conversation, so Andover needs to aim and ensure that hate speech isn’t used on campus. This can also be achieved by trusting and training student leaders on campus about the difference between freedom of speech and hate speech, Andover’s campus culture could positively shift by having leaders who exemplify the kind of language that should be used on

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